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What is a Home Equity Loan?

A home equity loan is a loan obtained from an existing mortgage. It is evaluated based on the difference between the current property value of your home and the outstanding mortgage balance.

To illustrate how a home equity loan works, we can take a scenario of John. He wants to acquire a home equity loan against his mortgage home with currently valued at $400,000. If John has an outstanding home loan amount of $300,000, he can therefore request a home equity loan against the $100,000 collateral balance.

What are the Benefits of Home Equity Loan?

Lower Interest Rates

Depending on your home equity loan service provider, interests on home equity loans may be lower than the normal loan rates. Lower interest rates on home equity loans will help you save a lot on management costs, as well as in the overall loan repayment lump sum. Home Loan Whiz offers the best home equity loan rates in Singapore, to ensure that you can easily pay the loans as you make worthwhile investments for your financial growth.

Flexibility in Utility

One of the major benefits of home equity loans is that you can use the procured loans for a wide range of utilities. A home equity loan can be used to make long-term investments for profit making, to offset a financial emergency or to pay for your home renovations.

Home Equity Loans offer Two Disbursement Options

Clients looking to secure a home equity loan can choose to either request for the whole lump sum at a go, or request to take the funds periodically in times of an unplanned financial emergency. This way, you can basically request for some urgent funds when in need, and leave the rest of the available home equity loan balance for future financial emergencies.

How can you get a home equity loan?

Home Loan Whiz gets you the best fixed rate home equity loans in Singapore, to ensure you get that extra cash for capital to boost your investment portfolio. Applying for a home equity loan will only require you to fill in the form to request for our FREE Singapore home equity loan consultation. We will henceforth make a current valuation of your property, and hence determine the home equity term loans you are eligible for. That’s it.

We help you invest more as you service your mortgage loans, hence granting you the opportunity to repay your long-term mortgage loans conveniently.

We have helped over 3,524 Singaporeans get their home equity loans

First home purchase was made easier with Home Loan Whiz. Great rates, but more importantly the education by the team on loan details was a strong plus factor. Not everyone is a finance expert, and it was easy and detailed from him.

After the bank loan was confirmed, good followup to check that everything is well with the banker and lawyer.

Overall, I strongly recommend!

– Weiguo Cai

I was served by Lorraine Lee and she was very patient with my queries and clarified them all. Not only that, she helped me to secure a good rate whilst the rate is changing almost everyday during that period.

Appreciated her initiative and I even recommended my friends to her.

– QQ

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