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There are many banks in Singapore that provide home loans. Most of the home loans they offer have different conditions; eligibility criteria, interest rates; home loan packages. But most of the time, the best home loan Singapore is can be found using mortgage brokers instead of consulting banks directly. Consulting banks directly for a housing loan will reduce your chances in getting the best deals in the housing market. Clients may engage the services of a mortgage consultancy firm to help them find bank loans that offer lower interest rates and eligibility criteria that they can meet.

At Home Loan Whiz, finding the best deals for home loans is made easy. Unlike getting a single quote from the bank, the company can offer you free mortgage consulting and search for the best home loan in Singapore. Home Loan Whiz is the leading mortgage consultancy firm that aims to help clients find the best mortgage packages in the housing market that suits their needs and budgets. Through the services of the firm, you can save time and money. The professionals of the form can offer you unbiased advice that will enable you to choose the best home loan Singapore package.

The firm employs 3R guiding principles that can help you pick the best home loan Singapore. At the firm, you can be sure that you will receive reliable information and advice. The staff and professionals of Home Loan Whiz always put themselves in the shoes of their clients. You can be sure that you will be guided throughout the entire process of housing loan and provide with unbiased recommendations.

Resourcefulness is among the 3Rs guiding principle of the firm. The firm can provide you the latest housing market news and up to date rates that can help you find the best solution to your housing requirements. The firm also prides itself in being responsive to all your queries. The close relationships formed with different banks enables them to provide all the things you need in finding the best home loan.

You can directly visit the banks in Singapore to gather information about the housing loans that they offer. But this is greatly a disadvantage on your part as you might end up wasting a lot of time and finding an unreliable banker. This also limits your chances in getting the best deals in the housing market.

When you seek advice from Home Loan Whiz, you can get free consultation that will enable you to broaden your knowledge in housing market and identify your needs that you might neglect to notice when you directly approach banks.

Home Loan Whiz offers wide range of home loan consultation topics including new home loans, home loan equity, approval in principle, mortgage insurance, and refinance calculations as well as commercial property consultation, and property consulting for buyers. Most of these topics will not only help you gather all the information you need about housing loans in Singapore but also enable you to get the best home loan Singapore.

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