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Citibank offers home loans for different types of properties, tenure and stages. Their home loans are packed with features that suit well with your lifestyle and finances. Whether you are planning to buy a new house, HDB flat, under construction property or refinance the current home loan, Citibank has a solution for you.

Citibank home loan is a good fit for you if you are looking for a low down payment mortgage with no private mortgage insurance.

New home loan

  • Purchase of under construction property
  • Ready to move in property
  • Home loan for NRIs


  • Transfer your high cost loan
  • Avail enhancement for any personal, business, or professional need
  • Consolidate your debt

Citibank fixed and floating home loan rates

Citibank Private Property Home Loan rates

Citibank Private Property Home Loan rates


Citibank Under Construction Property Home Loan Rates

Citibank Under Construction Property Home Loan Rates


Citibank HDB Home Loan Rates

Citibank HDB Home Loan Rates


Benefits of Citibank Home Loan

  • Wide range of attractive fixed and floating interest rates.
  • Legal subsidy of S$ 2,500 on home loan refinancing.
  • Mortgage client care team help.

Citibank Home Loan Calculator

Citibank Mortgage calculator help you figure out the repayment amount of your home loan. You need to fill out :

  • Property type
  • Loan amount
  • Loan duration
  • Interest rate
  • Lock in period

Citibank Home Loan Calculator give you an estimate of your monthly instalments and rate of interest. And you can budget your home loan repayment amount. You get a personalized solution to your home loan.


Citibank Home Loan Refinance Calculator

Mortgage refinancing is a great option to replace your existing home loan with a new loan that provides better interest rate and features. You can avail benefits of interest savings and lower monthly instalments when you refinance your home loan with Citibank.

By using Citibank Home Loan Refinance Calculator, you get to know the exact savings and amount you need to pay. Just enter the details like property type, outstanding amount of loan, current rate of interest, and lock-in period. The Citibank Home Loan Refinance calculator will show you an estimate of effective rate of interest and monthly instalments.

How to apply for a Citibank Home Loan?

You can easily apply for a Citibank Home Loan through us. The process involves the following steps:

Step 1: Submit your documents

You need to be aware of the documentation required to apply for a home loan in Citibank. A list of documents to be prepared are:

  • NRIC(for Singaporeans & PR), Passport for NRIs.
  • Duly completed and signed Citibank Property Loan Application form
  • Income documents
  • CPF statement of account
  • CPF withdrawal statement

Step 2: Compare

Compare the rate of interest and different packages provided by Citibank in order to take an informed decision.

Step 3: Fees and other charges

To apply for a loan requires complete knowledge of the fees and charges included in the application process.

  • Processing fees
  • Late payment charges
  • Legal fees
  • Valuation fees


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